Instructor Training

Training resources for professional swim instructors and learn-to-swim teaching programs in the U.S.

Swim Lessons

At-home individualized instruction in small group settings in the Redding area, and other water safety programs.


Enhancing swim education programs through staff training, access to grants, and more.

About Us

We believe that learning to swim is a process just like learning to read or write, and that an experienced instructor can save a life. People come to us because our methods are founded in compassion, discipline, and respect for individual needs. We challenge children to develop the skills to be safe and independent in the water. We are committed to ensuring that our combined decades of experience at swim instruction are shared with the next generation of confident swim instructors.

Our swim teaching method is founded on the principles developed by swim teaching legend, Phoebe Natina, who has taught generations of students to swim and to love the water. For professional swim instructors and learn-to-swim teaching programs in the U.S., we offer online training resources and specialized training programs. In the Redding area, our swim school provides individualized swim instruction in small group settings with a focus on ages 0-5.


Our mission is to cultivate highly effective swim instructors and enhance the quality of swim teaching programs in the U.S.

See what swim instructors are saying

smiling female swim instructor
I’ve enhanced our program’s curriculum at every level by implementing Swim Foundations’ fundamentals around teaching the breath, handling students in the water, and vocal and physical cueing, in addition to a hundred more.

– Alice T.

I learned all of the basics of teaching swimming to toddlers – like the breath, bubbles, and body position – from Swim Foundations.

– Lillian G.

smiling female swim instructor
The Swim Foundations teaching style is dynamic and assertive and easily captures the attention of students. I’ve learned not only how to handle children in the water, but how to set expectations as an instructor.

– Alicia M.

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