Swim Foundations is a comprehensive training resource for professional swim instructors and swim teaching programs, and Redding area's premier mobile swim school.

We believe in BETTER SWIM LESSONS THROUGH BETTER SWIM TEACHERS. Our swim teaching method is founded on the principles developed by swim teaching legend, Phoebe Natina, who has taught generations of students to swim and to love the water. For professional swim instructors and learn-to-swim teaching programs in the U.S. and abroad, we offer online training webinars and in-person comprehensive and specialized training workshops. In the Redding area, we offer at-home private and small group swim lessons for ages 0-5, Parent and Me swim classes, advanced group swim lessons, adult learn-to-swim lessons, and more.

About Us

“One of life’s richest rewards is to come alongside a child in his/her learning journey.” – Nina

Nina (Natina) Gibbs
Founder and CEO

Nina comes from a big swimming family with deep entrepreneurial roots. She started swimming competitively at 4, and at 16 left for the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, where she continued swimming and was recognized with the All American and Student Athlete awards. Carrying forward the family tradition of teaching swimming, Nina began teaching private lessons on her own as a teenager. She later coached beginning age group swimmers for the Redding Swim Team and California Capital Aquatics in Sacramento, CA. After obtaining her master’s degree from the School of Global Policy & Strategy at UC San Diego, she co-founded a developmental swim team program at the Toby Wells YMCA in San Diego. Following her return to Redding, she served as a lead swim instructor for the area’s top swim teaching program.

Nina has over 15 years of experience doing business, both in corporate positions at Fortune 500 firms and as Founder and Managing Director at Savi Global. Nina specializes in guiding entrepreneurs and business owners through the process of planning, starting, and expanding their business visions.

Nina is a natural connector. She is committed to collaborating with community and industry partners to create economic opportunity, foster international exchange, and empower teachers and parents through swimming.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – Charles Caleb Colton

Alice (Natina) Teeters
Master Trainer/Instructor, Large Programs

Alice is the top performing director for the highest-rated swim school in Austin, TX. As Swim School Manager at Nitro Swimming’s Bee Cave site, she manages a team of 20+ instructors that teach over a thousand students a week. Before moving to Austin with her family, she spent a decade developing the swim lessons program for a private club in northern California. She started her swim teaching career in her teens as a private instructor working with children ages 0-5.

“Obedience is the gateway through which knowledge enters the mind of the child.” – Anne Sullivan

Phoebe Natina
The Inspiration

Miss Phoebe has worked in the water with babies and children all her adult life. She has dedicated herself to developing a swim teaching progression that works with every child every time. Her methods focus on teaching the “little human” inside every student and on the importance of being not only safe, but adept in the water. She has instilled a love of water in all nine of her children, and continues to share her passion for swimming with her swim lessons students and her 16 grandchildren.

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